Bug in Haiku R1 Alpha 3 (bug submitted)

Yesterday I noticed a bug in Haiku. When I move my optical mouse side to side very fast, the context menu appears as if I had clicked the right mouse button. Also it appears that I am clicking the left mouse button and trying to highlight something on the desktop. I am doing neither! It does not happen when I move the mouse up and down very fast, just side to side. This does not happen on Linux so it is not a hardware problem that I can detect.

I was going to submit the bug on tracker so I set up an account and I verified my email address, but when I do, tracker says I need to verify my email! I have verified my email 5 times, and when I did it said email verified, but when I log in, it says I still need to verify.

Not sure if it’s related, but I know that you have to be logged in before you verify your account. Clearing cache and cookies doesn’t hurt either.

I have successfully submitted the bug in tracker. The ticket number is #7802.