Broadcom problem on Macbook


I would like to install Haiku on a Macbook air 2014. My one and only problem in this installation is that Haiku does not recognize my network card “Broadcom”. Is there any existing documentation on the subject to fix this problem?

Waiting for an answer I wish you a nice day.

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Haiku uses FreeBSD driver for networking so you should check if FreeBSD supports it in the first place. Maybe try to boot a live cd?

Thank you Diver for your answer. Unfortunately I have tried it and it doesn’t make any difference. I will see in the FreeBSD driver if I find my happiness.


If I recall correctly, there isn’t any Broadcom support in Haiku, and likely won’t be for some time. Fortunately, Ethernet in the Mac should work though (or it did when I last tried).

Thank you for your answer rjzak.