Bring it mainstream

I love this OS
Have been a follower since it was supposed to be the new Mac OS.

Alpha 4 running great on my old laptops to give to the kids. Fast, easy to understand, etc.
But the lack of Youtube video or FLV support makes this a - put the laptop back in the closet thing.

While in these forums I have read ‘propeller heads’ argue pro and con about java and flash or whatever… I don’t think YouTube is going change a billion videos next week.

If my kids cant use it, and I cant give it to my elderly mother - than this is just a virtual pleasure exercise. It feels good but gets us nowhere.

Games and erotica have driven this industry since I started in 1980, with greenbar printouts of playmates in ASCII that you had to view from 20ft away.

Frank Lloyd Wright said “Form follows function” - Do that, and this OS is a winner over anything I have seen in the Linux distros.

I believe they should focus in that class of things too, cause if not is just a “hobby Os” then why so many efforts and test from us, i am very grateful with developers of haiku but they should be with us too… we can get this os to the top.
I cant believe it is so hard.

i track haiku development for more years and i must say haiku is very live project. to compare to another alternative operating systems haiku is super b and allways when i look to changelook i see something new.

yes, there are some thing what for same people are wrong or not like it but at all haiku is good and maybe have commercial lucky when will be released.

the main of this think what is for me cold shower water is package management, but the PM is here and i and some other users nothing to do with it. its not bad think have package management but it breaks more thinks and big thing what is break is how to use and install and manage files, now for me is haiku like SLAX linux is good in same way but less file manage usability for me

to GUI and UI i say that i use haiku becouse i love BeOS in past. maybe i am retro maniac :smiley: i never have amiga, i dont use AROS, short time i have old Mac OS 9, but Haiku and BeOS are great, yes they need some love to make more powerfull like bookmarks for tracker, maybe include samba on Haiku cd and intgrate it to tracker and other small thinks. nfs too

Instead of moaning about the lack of flash support, why don’t you try and port Gnash? Or help developing the plugin SPI for web+

I’ve been following this project since before the first alpha. I’ve lost count how many “port Gnash”, “port Java”, “port chrome” etc posts i’ve seen. It’s much more constructive if you try and port it yourself instead of moaning about it.

I don’t think Haiku should focus on flash, gnash or whatever, right now.
Of course, apps are necessary. Of course flash is necessary for a good (great?) user experience. Heck, some people would even say that about compositing…
But, for me, Haiku needs to focus on polishing the Package Management thingie, i.e. HaikuDepot, full system update and such, WebP+, and squashing long-standing bugs. Also, it seems gnash has been ported in the past, but, as I see it, gnash is no longer maintained (it is not Haiku’s fault).
I believe OpenJDK and Qt have been ported too, although not fully, but still they’re usable, IMHO.

– louisdem

I agree with Louisdem, Haiku should and probably is focusing on what people have come to rely for a long time, package management and a hassle free update/upgrade.

Just a question, is there a wine-like app to run java or flash, or any of those user experience annoying aps in Haiku? I don’t remember. Maybe using a vitual environemtn in the meantime would offload some of the weight on the developer in the meantime?

If my kids cant use it, and I cant give it to my elderly mother - than this is just a virtual pleasure exercise. It feels good but gets us nowhere.

iPads and Android tablets pretty much got that market covered. Kids and old people.

Adding HTML 5 video and audio support so that we can watch YouTube videos in WebPositive would make a good GSoC project.


I don’t know what about you guys, but what actually drew my attention to Haiku was simply - doin’ stuff the good old way. When basically every OS in this freakin’ world changes into “social media browsing toy”, I want software which would enable me to do stuff on my laptop without getting in the way (thank you very much, Windows -_-).

I don’t think Haiku design needs refreshing. It balances the old and the modern pretty well. It’s awesome when you actually want a tool which looks elegant, not a toy with shitload of glass-like transparent crap, unnecessary gradients every-freakin’-where and stuff. Even Apple abandoned this way for clutter-free and consistent UX design.

The last thing is - it’s not the OS developers fault nobody at Google ported Chromium to Haiku and it’s not what they actually should do. You can’t even begin to imagine how complex and time consuming task to do is this porting stuff. Either the community or actual software devs (Chromium devs for example) should take care of doing this, not the opposite.

Quit your whining guys, please.

Adding HTML 5 video and audio support so that we can watch YouTube videos in WebPositive would make a good GSoC project.

I would prefer if Adrien did it, but I really cannot disagree with this. I think it would indeed make a good (and interesting!) GSoC project.
Maybe we can interest puckipedia (Puck) on this project… :wink:

I’m planning to be a mentor in GSoC, as usual. So, if we get a student to work on this, I’ll probably be assigned to mentor him anyway. If that’s the case, I’ll be closely watching the work and probably contributing some parts myself.

Personally, I just download the videos off Youtube and play them with VLC.

And I like doing that way because it makes it easy to show off a good video to my friends anytime/anywhere.

Will sites like work in Haiku browsers? I use the Tor browser which seems to have a kind of flaky success rate with youtube videos so, if I don’t feel like taking ‘no’ for an answer, I download the clip(s) instead.

Sure, that works no problem. You just enter the URL, tick the optional conversion format and let the site’s server do its thing. When it’s finished you’re offered a URL to download the (converted) file. Probably Net+ could’ve worked here… :slight_smile: