Boston and West Texas

Much has happened in the U.S. this week! First a bombing durring a Boston marathon! Several people killed and even more injured. Second, and much more close to home, a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant in the town of West, Texas! The town of West Texas is just north of Waco and only twenty miles away from my house (as the crow flies). The blast happened at about 7:50 PM local time, and at 7:52 PM I felt and heard the blast at my house!

The blast was so powerful that my house shook terribly, and was so loud I though it happened next door! The blast was so powerfull it registered a 2.1 on the Richter scale! Houses in a four block radius of the plant was leveled and many more severly damaged and/or on fire! A nursing home and a middle school took damage and the nursing home evacuated all of its residents to a safer location. Everyone living in West were ordered to evacuate for fear of a secondary explosion.

Please keep the people of Boston and West in your thoughts and prayers!