Bordered window style


I need a bordered window for my app. But when I am using either B_BORDERED_WINDOW or B_BORDERED_WINDOW_LOOK and B_NORMAL_WINDOW_FEEL I always have a borderless window.

I was expecting something like a B_TITLED_WINDOW but without the Title gadget.

Maybe this is a wrong understanding on my side.

Think that’s probably what you want – though I’m not sure why it’s the answer… (:-/)

Hi Pete,

Your proposal is exactly the rendering I want. But I do not want a modal window.
Normally B_BORDERED_WINDOW should provide exactly what I need.
I just do not know why this is not working.

The “bordered” look has just an 1px border around the contents. The “modal” look has a thick border and no title bar. Don’t worry about the name: it is only the look (and you set a “normal” feel), so the window will not be modal, it will just look like a modal window.

As said in the be book:
The bordered look has a “thin” border. The modal look has a “thick” border.

I’m also not sure why the constants are named that way, but it’s one of the many quirks we inherit from BeOS.

Thanks for the tip.