BootManager & two disks

Hi!!! I’m installed Haiku in other computer, this have 2 disks (master old magnetic disk, secondary a new ssd). Haiku is installed in the ssd disk. When i install bootmanager and select the first disk he detect 2 only partitions… but not list the other partitions in the second disk; so, the question is: how i can configure or make that bootmanager detect the other partitions in the second disk too?

Regarding to the documentation, appears that this is not possible / not mensioned:

The easy way: is grub?


The haiku boot loader can not boot from different discs, you need to have all haiku partitions on one disc.

Thanks! so, the unique alternative is grub :sleepy:

You can install Haiku boot loader to each disk and select boot disk with BIOS boot menu (F12 in my case).


Is there any reason the HDD needs to be set as the primary boot device in the BIOS? Also there are plenty of boot managers other than Grub if you’re not already using Linux. You could probably try something like Plop or XOSL

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To be completely correct, the bootloader itself can do it, but another missing part in Haiku (the B_GET_BIOS_DRIVE_ID ioctl) prevents the bootloader installer from setting that up correctly.

Just mentionning this in case it motivates a developer to implement that small missing bit of it.