BootManager restore previous MBR

Has restore previous MBR not been implemented in BootManager, or am I missing something? What’s a good way to reinstall a previous MBR?

It should work if you still have the backup MBR file from when you installed BootMan.

If you just need a standard MBR, writembr can also install one (that will boot the active partition as usual).

I have the previous boot record saved. In the back up MBR screen,

It gives option for backing up the MBR. As far as I can see, there are no actual options to reinstall a saved MBR. Which is what I would like to do. Otherwise, I’m not sure what the point of saving the MBR is supposed to be. That and the screen in BootManager still references bootman (the program, not the directory.)

My question I guess would be, can I just dd the backed up file into the MBR, or what can I do with it?

Ticket #9014 has been tracking the issue for some years.
If you’re adventurous you can try to find the right ‘dd’ line that puts the old MBR back without ruining your disk… :wink:

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If I’m feeling really adventurous, I’ll put a button in BootMan (I wish we had kept that name) and have it tell dd to do it for me.

I might make it a ratfink shifter knob instead of a button though.

There is already an “uninstall” button in bootman main menu. We just need to make it work, right?

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Exactly right.

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It may be in the code still. I didn’t see anything in the BootMan. I’d actually like to look into it. It doesn’t sound too involved.

BootMan has actually been one of may favorite features since the BeOS days. Upon first glance, the code doesn’t look too involved. I plan on looking over it in the next few weeks. I’m not a fan of other bootloader’s such as grub. I’d rather look into fixing/finishing BootMan than deal with grub.

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so, is “Uninstall” button supposed to work now?
I want to revert to the original MBR (when I had only Windows booting), but this button is greyed out.
Also, I looked in the default location where MBR is supposed to be saved:
but it’s emtpy…
What could I do?