I have a problem. It’s not about haiku but it’s about the beos bootloader (i have no idea where else i can ask…) i own beos5 and would only install “bootman” on my pc without insalling beos, but the setup breaks after a few seconds.

i think it is because my main pc is too new (c2q q6600 @ 2,2 GHz, nvidia geforce gtx260, etc…)

is there another way to install “bootman” on my machine? i need it because i have more than one OS on my pc and bootman is the only bootloader i know hwo can read all at once.

thank you for the help


You have a couple other options out there besides bootman. GAG ( ) is a graphical boot manager that doesn’t require an external OS and is about as user friendly as bootman. Grub also works and is well-documented, but IIRC it requires Linux and is hardly what I would call easy to use. If you use Vista or Windows 7, EasyBCD ( ) can get you going. Hope this helps