Booting up to the rocket, then it stops!

The boot process Haiku 64bit (with 1920 x 1080) goes up to the rocket and is then stopped.

MSI Delta 15 A5EFK-009 AMD Advantage™ Edition Gaming Notebook
Display: 15.6" anti-glare (1920 x 1080, 240 Hz)
Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX / 3.3 GHz / Octa-Core
Graphics card: AMD Radeon RX 6700M 10 GB
Hard disks: 1 TB SSD (2nd will be retrofitted)
Working memory: 16 GB RAM (64 GB is ready for upgrade)
Operating system: Microsoft Windows 11 Home (64 Bit)

What causes can be responsible for this?
What can I do, or could I try to do?

Please open a ticket at

And if you play with the download?

turn off secure boot

This has nothing to do with this. Secure boot would have prevented the bootloader from starting.


There is nothing to be gained from random suggestions or fixes, what is described is clearly a bug and should be fixed.

In the future perhaps topics can simply be closed directly after a request to instead open a tocket.

The user described only his download option.
Why not try the options above? Perhaps this will give some result, based on which one can draw one or another conclusion.

Without a ticket nothing will be fixed, beta5 will rely on the same worksrounds then.

Haiku isn’t a system where we expect users to change random stuff untill it works, but rather one where it should work out of the box. This doesnt work if bugs arent reported, especially as many devs dont even read this forum.

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In order not to turn this forum thread into a bazaar, let each of us remain with our own opinion.)

wow, considering i already have a ticket open, for this issue, it is not a random suggestion.

here’s a few more

get into safe mode

disable smp
disable ram above 4gb
dusable bios call
disable user add on

enable safe mode
use fail safe video driver
disable local apic
…see what that nets him.

I do wonder how you came up with a suggestion you know doesn’t work then (or maybe you didn’t know what secure boot does?)? of those you posted now only one of them is relevant.
It’s really tedious to ask users to go through the parade of random options everytime.

And no, you can’t know if it’s the same issue unless you have exactly the same hardware as the poster, and if that were the case you could have simply reffered to your ticket.

Before temperaments reach boiling point, let’s end this here.
For bug reports, refer to Tips for a helpful bug report.