Booting problem with Supemicro X8DTL

I need some assistance booting to a Supermicro X8DTL motherboard. I installed Haiku hrev50708 x86_gcc2 onto a flash drive. With a normal boot it crashed into KDL. Kernel dump is logged with the bug report:

There is some reference to /net/ipro1000, so I am wondering if this is related to network driver?

I can boot using safe mode, but many features are disabled, such as reading and writing JPEG images. Is there documentation on which services are turned off in safe mode, and how to turn on services?

Many thanks

If it is the ipro1000 driver, try blacklisting it, rather than booting in safe mode where almost everything is disabled.

That worked great! Please see my next post for world’s fastest Haiku server :slight_smile: