Booting/installing troubles

Hello there, well I wanted to try the haiku, because I was a r5 user.

Actually I’ve got a lot of tries without any lucky.

I’ve tried to make a usb stick to run Haiku (by the guide), but it didn’t work
neither with dd for windows, or with win32diskimager.[both provided by the guide]

Actually the dd one, worked better if I can say it, as it formatted my usb, and wrote something on it
but after when I tried to boot from it, my computer said : invalid boot disk

I’ve also downloaded the iso for make a cd [the previous attempt was the anyboot obviously]
but, I don’t have any cd available for me write, and I have a rewritable dvd,
but it didn’t boot [I wrote the disk with poweriso 4.0] changing just the cd to dvd.

does it may be the reason why it didn’t boot?

If I remember well, when installing r5, i got to press space bar and choose a few options for get the system running.

My computer:
Lenovo 3000 N200
[almost everything it’s from intel also the graphic card]

Some usb-sticks are just not bootable. Most of mine wasn’t which caused me a lot of headache before I found one that works well.

I’m not sure what’s your problem is but it seems that you don’t manage to boot from usb or cd/dvd. Have you made any bootable cds before? I think it’s a problem with how you create the cds or it would at least find it bootable.

yes, for both windows and linux.

What could be the problem with just burning the iso?

//ps: i can see haiku image and icons getting highlighted by dvd,
but then the screens get black and it doesn’t nothing from there.

I had this problem with an old eMachine PC I am using to test Haiku.

Try holding down Shift on boot, then selecting Safe Mode AND the safe video driver.

I could then boot from the disk, and could install. If this is true for you, you may need to then do what I did to make the system work from hard drive boot up:-

I had to repeat this process to boot into the installed version - and then move the drivers for nvidia and ATI cards from /boot/system/add-ons/kernel/drivers/bin/ to a non-system location (so they won’t load on boot), and also moved all accelerants for such cards from /boot/system/add-ons/accelerants/ (except vesa.accelerant) so that the system would boot without safe mode options.

Side note: I also had a problem with the sound driver, but that caused a kernel panic, not a freeze (I did the same thing, moved the driver that crashed).

So I have a very fast Haiku system that unfortunately has no sound… but it works.