Booting Haiku on MacBook Pro bare metal

Trying to boot Haiku on a 2010 or 2011 (info later) 17 inch MBP. I have rEFInd bootloader, USB disk plugged in, and this is the screen I get.

The only option that works is “Boot Fallback Loader from UEFI”. Others give " no boot media detected, press space" error.

I select the fallback loader, select boot volume, continue booting, Haiku bootscreen shows up

Forever. I then try printing debug info on screen. Freezes here:

Try Safe Mode with all options enabled… kernel panic.

Is there any hope to getting this running?

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If I use the failsafe graphics driver, I get as far as the boot screen, then KERNEL PANIC again

General protection fault. Can this be fixed? Running the beta release; no nightlies with UEFI.

Maybe try to blacklist the broadcom570x driver ( see 4th bullet )

Well, I disable the broadcom driver, try again, looks like it helps (mouse moves around and eV verything) then…


As a guy who has a 2011 MacBook Pro, try writing Haiku to disk from a PC with an Intel (MBR) partition map and put it in the Mac from there. That may help solve some of your problems.

Please note, however, that while Haiku can run on it, keyboard and screen brightness, AirPort, and sound will not work out of the box (or at least not on my model). Your resolution options will also be limited.

I had the same KDL on my MacBook Pro 2 years ago
Apparently, it’s still not fixed.

Maybe attach the screenshot to the ticket then (there is practically no information there).

Indeed. Will do.