Bootable USB

I must be doing something very, very wrong. I am trying to create make an 8gig USB stick my Haiku drive. My first try was to run the install onto the USB, after having setup the partition. It installed, but would not boot.

Second try was to use Windows to write the anyboot image to the usb. Now it boots but it is only 690meg and the rest of the drive is empty. This would be ok, and I could simply make the remaining space a partiton to put files. But, i want to install some optional packages and don’t have the room on the partition I have to install them onto.

So, how to I make a bootable 8gig USB drive in Haiku? Maybe I setup the partition wrong or something.


Make a live CD, format the USB stick with BFS, then run the installer.

Tada, bootable usb stick.

altenatively, you could also use a second usb stick to boot from and run the same procedure.

Make sure you delete all existing partitions from the usb stick as well when you format it with BFS, the floppy loader might still be on the drive cuasing your aggrevation.

My system doesn’t want a partition map on the usb stick. I initialize the entire space as a bfs system, I do not make a partition then initialize it. Your experiance may vary, it depends on the system bios and how it treats usb sticks.

Some computers are not good at booting usb-sticks, some usb-sticks arn’t bootable and so on. So best thing is to verify that both these problems arn’t causing troubles.