/boot/system/develop/headers/os/locale incomplete


I had to setup a new VirtualBox image since the last one got killed by VirtualBox (no idea how). Now I can’t compile anymore starting from a fresh nightly build updated using the pkgman with new sources. I get an error like this:

/boot/system/develop/headers/os/locale/GenericFormatNumber.h:4:35: fatal error: FloatFormatParameters.h: No such file or directory.

I check /boot/system/develop/headers/os/locale and indeed no such files are there.

Checking git itself (https://github.com/haiku/haiku/tree/master/headers/os/locale) I find those files. So something is wrong with packaging up things?


I just removed these deprecated files today, but apparently missed some #includes. Will fix, sorry about that!


No problem. Forced me to remove some <Be.h> include files to use the actual include really needed.