Boot Loader

Greetings All, this is my first POST, does anyone out there had a Boot Loader that can be installed from Windows and find Windows and Haiku OSes, am not interested in installing a Linux to get Grub, and am getting of tired of disconnecting hard drives and doing a Bios thing to get to Haiku. Thank you.

You don’t have to install Gnu/Linux to get grub installed. Simply mount the desired disk manually by ID or device node from a live CD, and run grub commands as usual (instructions for doing this properly are a web search away).

Otherwise, what is wrong with Haiku’s boot loader? It will detect and boot from Windows. Just note that on 7 and later (and certain Vista installations), you will need to boot from the first system partition, not the general “Windows” partition. And last but not least, make sure EFI boot is off (i.e. ‘legacy’ or BIOS mode). If you can’t do this, then you will most likely have to use a shimmed grub-legacy, grub2/grub-efi, or lilo EFI loader until Haiku gets such support.

In any case, if you do not want to use said boot loaders and you HAVE to use a boot loader from Windows, then you’ll have to edit BCD and set it up for multi boot on Vista and later – also a web search away. On 2000/XP, edit boot.ini. In any case, I’d STRONGLY recommend a free (as in freedom) boot loader instead as they are much easier to manage once you learn how to use them. Good luck.

Simple and easy solution: