Boot Loader Death Land

Just as I thought I knew most of Haiku’s error messages I got a new one:

I’ve got an old Iomega MiniMax external hard drive (about 186GB capacity) that I’ve connected to my main machine (no name Core2 Duo machine with an Asus mainboard and 4GB RAM) via USB (the drive also has Firewire connectivity).

The installation was done booting from a 4GB USB drive and went without any problems. After the installation finished I rebooted the system and got the error message above.

The partition layout on the Iomega drive (intel partition map) is a single BFS partition with the active flag set.

Anybody got an idea what’s going on here?
If it turns out to be a bug in the haiku bootloader, I’ll report a bug in the bug tracker but I wanted to get some info on it first.

If it was me, I would use the installation DVD and boot to desktop. Then check the hard drive and file system since I noticed it states a “write fault”. Otherwise, if that does not work, I would delete the partition and re-install Haiku from scratch.

Of course, there are many other aficionados who may have better insight on such an issue.

Yes, it is. If it was not a bug we would give you a nice user friendly error message about what is wrong.

Alright, I’ll report a bug then.

On a slightly humorous note: I didn’t take the error message as being too unfriendly. But maybe I am pretty thick-skinned after messing around with computers for over thirty years now. :grin:

What I mean is it doesn’t tell an user much about what the problem is. It is more developer-friendly, with lots of hex numbers and CPU register names, that’s what developers eat for breakfast, right?


When bugs occur practicality trumps friendliness anyway… we got a screenshot out of it, and that’s pretty good IMO.

Ticket created.

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