Boot From CD failed AlphaR3

Error message: “boot disk not found.”

PC is P67 chipset Core i7. Can haiku boot on this machine?

I might try booting inside a vm to see if that works. You also might try burning the cd on the slowest setting, maybe for some reason it didn’t get set to bootable.

It’s official Haiku CD with Alpha R3 version. Boot in vm is ok. But in real PC on 4 icon kernel debugland with message “boot disk not found”.

Strange, so it at first boots from the cd fine, but at some point in starting Haiku, Haiku can no longer find the cd?
I had this happen to me with linux before. T’m pretty sure my problem was a too old cd though. Seeing as you have a official cd and recently new hardware, you should file a ticket on trac.

Never managed to boot my i7 from CD, but USB sticks work fine. Since booting from HD only works when setting the disk controller to AHCI mode, I guess that it’s a problem with handing over the device when mode is switched.

All disks in AHCI mode.

Can you help me create a Haiku boot USB from CD in Windows?

From Windows it’s easiest with Fredrik Modeen’s HaikuOnAStick.