Poking around the internet, I came across a Linux Bluetooth project, bluez. - site appears to be down right now, there’s a Google cache available.

Anyway, could this be useful to Haiku, perhaps kick-starting Bluetooth support? GPL license could be tricky, though.


IMO I think BueZ is nasty. I rather see Haiku do a proper stack for Bluetooth. The specs seems to fit very well to a clean OO-implementation. I’ve been looking into it a bit, but it’s no idea to start until we have good enough USB as most devices use USB or serial communication to talk to the bluetooth device. The USB-stack should soon be good enough to start something like this…

I think Bluetooth is something we need to seriously consider working on, but as tgh mentioned… the BlueZ project probably wouldn’t be the way to go, and we need to finish USB first anyway.

Though the source is in GPL, I’m sure that along with the available Bluetooth specs, it’ll definitely help the devs work on it… even if they can’t use the source code.

I’m not sure what its status is now, but BGA was working on a Bluetooth stack quite a while ago. Not sure why it never made its way into the SVN tree.