Bluetooth anytime?

!s bluetooth on the horizon?

There’s a rudimentary Bluetooth stack already in the tree; it more or less works for the basic functions (pairing, etc.) But file transfer, audio, etc. are not supported.

No, there are no plans at present to work on it. We are starved for time as it is and have other priorities.


I happen to use a nice set of Bluetooth headphones pretty often on my Mac, and would like for it to work on Haiku. I therefore have some motivation to work on getting Bluetooth audio working in Haiku. I also think it might be interesting as it involves some Media Kit work too.

But of course the caveat is there are many other things which are probably more important, and I don’t have much time at the moment. Though I am currently pretty motivated to schedule the time for Haiku development. But I have been saying that for a several weeks now… :wink:


Some years have passed, and maybe you now have time to work on this? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Hmm, dear @thaflo, I assume @leavengood may went back to headphone jack interface even on Mac – after he faced of BT stack and audio challenges :wink:
… . as he remained silent since then … about progress or appearing blocks – during coding !..

(LOL, just joking 8D )