Blocking Users Accessing Haiku-os ?!?!

Hi Michael
This is the only way I can contact with you.
edited by mario-pl
I edited this post because of some info was included that shouldn’t. I sent you a Private Message about the problem I had described to Sikosis.
Please, try to do something with this because there are more people here in Poland with the same issue.

Best regards,
Marek P Team

Is this part of the same discussion that was going on in the mailing list a while ago?

Kurtis, it is not a part of the discussion from mailing list. The problem is with Polish ISP - TP SA - and its DSL. But only Haiku admins can repair this problem. So I mailed Sikosis and he mailed Michael Phipps. Michael mailed me but I can’t reply to his e-mail because of the same reason.

As I emailed privately, I am following up with the web hosting folks.


I know Michael was looking into this … I’ll ask at our next admin meeting to see if he made any headway …