Blob wars not working!?

downloaded the version that is compiled under haiku for haiku.gcc2 from the zeta-games site,and yet it doesn’t work, missing “”.
does anyone know where i can get this lib from?.

This is in gettext at HaikuPorts.

downloaded the gettext from the optionalpackages using the script,still no such lib in my system?! is in gettext - I know because I also compiled it just over 1 year ago too.

if you installed gettext, do search of your files and let us know what it finds. Search for libintl

ie: Library might be named and not

I do not want to install gettext to check for you because it will get linked into any programs I compile.

syntax: installoptionalpackage -a gettext

the only ones i could find are “” “” “” in the gcc4 folder,wich blob wars doesn’t seem to use,but the author says it is compiled to run on haiku gcc2.

When running gcc2 program they require gcc2 version of the libraries. gcc4 programs require gcc4 libraries. That is why you need duplicates, gcc2 & gcc4, of the same library to run programs compiled for each.

Since Blob Wars is gcc2 compiled, it requires gcc2 version of libintl which you do not have.

You can get gcc2 of gettext from:

I was unable to download it. Something wrong? You may have to find gcc2-gettext from somewhere else.

sorry guys,
but this doesn’t seem to have an end,now it’s asking for (SMPEG_enablevideo)?i have no idea where to find this one?

Sounds like it is part of the smpeg library.

you could try this one for BeOS:

or install this package from haikuware: