Black MacBook (late 2007), WiFi doesn't work



I am dual-booting Haiku with Mac OS X on my late-2007 black MacBook. Everything works, except the AirPort Extreme wireless. It’s listed in the Devices application as a Broadcom BCM4321, vendor-ID 0x14e4, device-ID 0x4328. I’ve looked at the FreeBSD 11.1 manual pages for bwi and bwn drivers, and neither one shows that device ID as being supported, though they both show other Broadcom-based AirPort Extreme chipsets in the “supported” list. I also installed the broadcom43xx firmware in Haiku, to no avail. Is there a solution that will make this chipset work in Haiku, or will I have to find a different wireless card to install?



FreeBSD trunk(13) is the latest networking driver merge into Haiku. The most likely path of networking drivers in Haiku comes from here. If it’s not yet included in FreeBSD trunk, I don’t think there are any near term plans to include it. Any driver submission for hardware not yet supported in FreeBSD/Haiku netstacks is of course welcome.

Are you using beta or the nightlies? The beta was a code freeze. Any drivers not included here won’t be available until the next release if you are committed to using only official releases. However, you can use or switch to the nightly builds to experience the latest and greatest Haiku has to offer.

If using the nightlies doesn’t get it working, or doesn’t appeal to you, then choosing different hardware will likely be your best bet. Cheers.


I’m currently using hrev52796, 32-bit nightly. I could install a different wireless card; I’d just need to buy one first. I would try to port a driver if I knew anything about C++.


Do a bit of homework and find one that is supported by both Mac and Haiku. Perhaps consider keeping the old one to help test new drivers in the future, or just sell it to help recoup the cost of the the new one.


The FreeBSD man pages are not always up to date; the device may be supported. But unfortunately that driver requires a bunch of plumbing that I don’t really understand, so trying to port it “blindly” (i.e. without any hardware to test on) probably would not go so well, so I haven’t attempted it.


Understandable. As I said, I don’t know much about C++ (or coding in general); however, I might try to learn it and attempt to port the driver myself afterward. If that happens, and the card works after getting the driver working, I’ll be sure to contribute it to the Haiku source.