BFS incompatibilities | Haiku Project

First of all, I successfully booted Haiku from CD-ROM from several machines today. It took a bit longer than I thought, as no emulator that I have access to seems to support multi-session CDs, and not every BIOS I have works by the book. The boot device selection is still very simplistic, so it might not end up booting completely from CD if you just inserted it, and didn’t choose “Boot from CD-ROM” in the boot loader - but you’ll have to bear with that currently. I’ll probably fix that tomorrow. Anyway, you could build you own bootable CD image with the “makehaikufloppy” script that’s now in our top-level directory (it’s still rough, and you have to build the whole system manually or via “makehdimage” before). You just need “mkisofs” and use the resulting image in this way:

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