BeShare revisited

These files could be hosted in some haiku domain

Sure, they could be hosted on a Haiku domain. So could Pulkomandy’s vast archive. Somebody with access to a Haiku domain just has to go get them, no special permission required, and set it up. If you feel like volunteering, I’m sure you’d get the server space you needed.

But after the HaikuWare affair I would be very wary of having one centralised source of everything. Karl is still holding some old code of mine hostage. With a lively BeShare community, if my ISP goes bankrupt and my repository disappears I know I can get it back online because AGMS mirrors everything he can get his hands on.

Shee…! “Seriously old” is right! “DR7”!!! (I think I still have my old DR7 & DR8 CDs somewhere, but I’ve no desire to reinstall them!)

On a related note, I just came across an ftp site with some seriously old BeOS stuff: some of it looks like it dates to the BeBox era:

Just one more thing… (:-))
There’s one feature [only one?] where BeShare falls down a bit. It relies a bit too heavily on tycomsystems. Which happens to have been down all weekend!

This doesn’t matter too much if you have ever successfully connected, as you’ll have automatically downloaded a list of active servers, but if you’re using BeShare for the very first time and tycom is not there, you won’t see them.

So, in case tycom ( stays down, here are the other currently active servers, that you can enter manually into BeShare:			# bbjimmy's server			# Alexander G. M. Smith's server		# TuneTracker server

Maybe it’s time to get the neonplasma server off the list? I can’t even remember when last it worked.

:slight_smile: But if you search for “beos” on you will find more reasonably recent material - two BIG downloads in the 2-3 GB range.

Agreed. But how does one do that?

Ahh – I’ve just found 'Minox’s email in a BeShare members entry. I’ll drop him a note.