BeOS security

Hello everyone,

Im tracking the BeOS-related project for years now and I just jumped into the Haiku jar [it happened so late because I didn't really have any chance to launch it on my old hardware, which was most certainly unsupported]. To the point: I generally like the idea of how Haiku works, but I was just wondering if the devs are making some sort of / if any emphasis on security side of this great, challenging and to-be-no.1-in-most-areas project? I personally think that this is one of the most important subject now - just look through the Windows [sic!] and see for yourself. The reason I'm asking is that I did a simple portscan of the box running Haiku box natively [well, my primary computer. The other one is Lenovo S10S netbook which is currently unsupported - at least that's what I thought when I saw debugger screen on boot - *HCI/USB or someting] and Ive discovered at least two open ports which were
FTP and probobly TELNET service ports. Is there any way to lock those ports down, or better - is there any BeOS-based firewall [on the way maybe … ?], because I didn’t see anything like this regardless the actual OS - wether it would be BeOS [Dano] or /Zeta/Haiku.
You might think of me as of some security weirdo, but I come from the OpenBSD land and security just matters to me …

Thanks for any help and possible explanations of this subject,

  • marc

EDIT: Ok. I resolved it by editing /boot/common/settings/network/services and commenting all of the mentioned services, which are FTP and TELNET services.