BeOS/Haiku in China

Hello everybody,

I am an old BeOS enthusiast and I am currently living in China, Beijing. I would like to create/animate a Haiku community here in China, any expats, foreign students or Chinese interested?

Oh! If you can get your hands on any MIPS-like hardware by Chinese BLX, based on Godson-I or Godson-II, that would be awesome. :))

Imagine Haiku on the hardware that might be massproduced for the Chinese market… The only problem is that it seems to be unavailable to the foreign market, due to possible IP issues, and I’m not even sure its available in China yet.

Thank you Jonas for pointing me out that interesting information.
I searched on the web and found the website of the company A translation in English is being worked out.
If it is very cheap (read I can afford to buy it and send it), that I can get a hold on it, I am willing to send it for a Haiku dev…
That will be my meager contribution to the Haiku project. A very cheap computer with a free and friendly OS would be so nice, especially for developping countries (a little bit like the $US 100 laptop).

However, it seems unlike the Japanese BeOS/Haiku community, there is almost/none Chinese BeOS users. [/img]

Thank you, for looking into this! :slight_smile:

I don’t know if the “Municator” is available or not, but it could be very interesting for Haiku to support, when/if it becomes available cheap and in large quantities to the Chinese market:

Address: 18E Associacao Comercial Chinesa de Macau Bldg, 175, Rua de Xangai, Macau.

Phone: (853)788001