BEIA Getting to BeOS desktop on Compaq Clipper



I have a Compaq AI1 prototype better known as the “blue” clipper. Does anyone know the Keyboard short to access the BeOS desktop behind the browser… I used to be able to do it… but lost the KB shortcut.

Thank You!


Don’t know if it helps, but in BeOS control-alt-delete brought up a little “Team Monitor” menu that let you restart the desktop, kill a program or reboot.


Thanks for your reply… Does not seem to work on BEAI


Mine does go to the desktop using Alt+q, but I’m not sure if that key combo worked before I edited some files from the flash storage…


Alt-Q sounds right to me. I’ve got BeIA running on a Compaq IA-1 and a Sony Evilla but I haven’t used them in quite some time. I remember editing a file that disables the default BeIA interface and loads tracker/deskbar instead.