Beam or What?

I’ve tried using the Beam optional package, but it seems to want to crash and be debugged – at least for me. Something about “cannot find DeskbarItem,” though the file’s right there in the same folder.

Anyway, I’m really writing to ask what folks are using as an email client. As far as I can tell, there’s the baked in email application, Beam-1.0, Beam-1.1.2, BeZillaMail-, and Thunderbird- Is anyone using any of these – or anything else – with any success?

It’s sort of exciting inching my way closer to being able to use Haiku on a daily basis – at least in a baseline sense; email has become another, ahem, challenge.

Beam optional package is currently broken

Are you using gcc4 image?

Did you try built in Mail app?


I am using the default e-mail client. Back when Beam worked for me, I couldn’t get it working as I wanted it to. The Haiku Email app is not perfect–in fact it needs work. Despite that, I’ve gotten quite used to using it with an IMAP server. One thing I haven’t gotten working is IMAP folders, tho.

Recent changes to the FS code has made it much more reliable for me, and I use this as my primary mail app.

Good luck,

Personally, I use Haiku’s Mail with queries (see the Userguide) and sometimes the nice RelatedMail.

In any case, the new Beam package through “installoptionalpackage” should be working again with Haiku hrev44224. Ticket #8611 is fixed.