Beam email client - unable to delete msgs

I am new to Haiku, and just completed setting up the email client (Beam). Strange behavior is that I am when deleting messages from “in” box or other folders, I receive a dialog box indicating “Error moving “”.” the only dialog box option is Cancel. After clicking Cancel the messages disappear. After closing the app and restarting, I see the messages previously deleted. Any ideas on how to resolve ?


Hi, welcome to Haiku.

No idea as of yet on how to solve that, but I have that problem here also, and it is on my list of fixes to try and implement in beam. Now just need to find some time …

@RogFanther, Thanks for confirming that the problem is being experienced by others.

I don’t have this problem with me, but it’s possible that I had the same problem back then and already had a solution because I’m more experienced in dealing with haiku.

if i find the time this evening (here germany 7:50 am) i will see if i had changed something in beam (e.g. the position of the folders in the system…). If I find out anything about this, I’ll give another reply here.

There are some tips and tricks on our knowledge base about beam too.


Ok i have tested my beam, here are no error messages deleting messages.

Normal installation or nightly ? Have you mande some change in the default configurations ?

Here I perceived the problem soon after configuring email account. Sent a test email, and then was going to delete it. No chance. Normal (POP3) account. I can imagine that if you use IMAP things could work differently.

Check if a similar problem has already been reported here. Beam has not been updated for a while…
Did you try Haiku mail client?

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I installed the Beam app from HaikuDepot. Configured the app using IMAP/SMTP. No issue sending or receiving email. Just can’t delete any messages in any folders. Suspect it may be a file / folder permissions issue. Not that familiar with the file user management or file system of this OS.

I believe it is either saving messages in a wrong place, or marking the files as read-only, thus the errors when deleting. Or the place ( trash can ) where it tries to move the files is read-only.