Beam crash with gmail

My compiled Beam crashes after 352 messages retrieved from gmail account.
Compiled it on my PC but still the same.
Now I happened to find trojita and a lot of KDE apps in the repos.
trojita runs and fetches emails a treat BUT … when settings are shown all the sorting items are greyed out.
Is this a bug or intended? I also see that trojita is low on support at their own website: no more binaries for other distros, they say! This seems to be an important app for Haiku since without a good email client users will not stay with it!
The native mailer system is akward and I could not make it work with gmail account IMAP: it does not download the folders properly!
Maybe you can tell me if I can help somehow. Also documentation is poor with trojita…
PS: I am not a programmer/developer but could start to learn haiku to help here…