BDirectWindow help

Hi all,

I’m looking at code I wrote a few years back for a game using BDirectWindow. I create the direct window and all my drawing is to the screen buffer (ie no other objects like BView etc). I have two problems which worked in the ancient days :slight_smile:

problem 1) When I enable the cursor, there is a white box around it as if it is being drawn underneath the direct window, between refreshes.

problem 2) I don’t seem to get any mouse down/up events. Keyboard events are coming through fine.

The window has focus (yellow border), although I am using mouse focus following. Everything compiles fine (gcc4), and runs, just no mouse. Obviously it worked in R5/Zeta :slight_smile:

Is this a know problem, or do I have to do something else now (ie. create a BView just to receive mouse events)?

Thanks in advance,

PS. I can attach code snippets if that would help, but its pretty standard stuff.

Solved. My own stupid fault. When porting to compile under gcc4/haiku, I commented out some extra lines :frowning: . Instead of just deactivating the midi sound, I also got rid of the transparent view :slight_smile:

Sorry to waste bandwidth…


Hey Jeff, if you run into other coding issues in the future, you may also want to try IRC or the mailing lists. There are many more devs hanging out there than stumble around these forums at this time.