Backport cmake v3 to Haiku Files for installoptionalpackage


Hi, I see that modern versions of cmake are available for Haiku nightly, but I would like to be able to use cmake v3 from Haiku R4alpha1, as this is the latest stable version released so far. Could someone backport cmake 3 to the Haiku Files installoptionalpackage repository?

Is there a way to install x86-gcc2 Haiku nightly packages via command line to Haiku R4alpha1 systems, or are these incompatible with each other?


You can try to analyze the current recipe, using the patchset and the bash commands. Maybe it will work.



Hello. In fact, the old Alpha 4.1 is not supported anymore. Unless that you have a very specific reason for using it, my suggestion is that you stick to the nightly builds.


The package management and many, many bugfixes in current nightlies make it possible to build and use a lot more software than on the old alpha4. The good news is we are planning to release a beta1. The bad news is we don’t know exactly when, yet. In the meantime it is indeed better to use the nightlies, which are quite close to what the beta will be, anyways.


When the beta is released, what percentage of available software will be included in it - 10%, 40%, 80%? If all available software was included - like an OS + repository for showcasing what Haiku/BeOS has to offer - how big would the ISO be for download?


It works the other way around. The ISO will fit on a CD and we will fit as much as we can. Don’t forget to vote for your preferred software on HaikuDepot, that would help decide what to include.