I was reading some papers on GNU Hurd and found a interesting concept, i want to know if it is appliable to Haiku/BeOS.
They have a “translator” listening to a inode. Whenever that inode is accessed, the translator enters in action. So, you have never to mount filesystems, because whenever you try to access the, let’s say /cdrom folder, the translator mounts it for you.
Is there a way to do it, I mean, a check and mount tool everytime a folder is accessed?

I think it’s just a different view of removable drives. Windows style is that the drive is always there - I guess they do a similar thing to what you describe. The BeOS concept is that the whole CDROM folder doesn’t really exist unless there is a CD in the drive.

As OpenTracker supports automounting of CDs and things anyway, I don’t think it is a big issue.