Audio issues with r1beta4

Evening, gang.

I seem to be having mixed success with Haiku over the last 2-3 years…!

r1beta2, I had audio but no video.

r1beta 3 didn’t want to know. At all. Didn’t matter how I tried to boot it, it kept dropping me out to a console with all kinds of errors.

r1beta4, well…we seem to be making SOME progress. I finally have video…but now audio has gone AWOL. Bear in mind, all three of these attempts have been made on exactly the same hardware; an HP Pavilion desktop rig…3.7 GHz 9th-gen Pentium ‘Gold’ G5400, with 32GB RAM, 5TB + of storage, and an Nvidia GT710 discrete GPU.

Haiku doesn’t recognise the onboard Intel HDA sound chip, nor does it recognise my Logitech USB headphones, either. Am I missing something here? Does Haiku not have a way to detect and/or select the “default” sound card? I’ve trawled through the settings every which way I can, but can’t unearth anything that might configure audio at all.

And what’s with the UVC driver?

As for “positives”, well; WebPositive still won’t display YouTube videos, but it seems Otter will quite happily. I will say, the default media player works a treat, and ‘Aspect’ settings actually do something, unlike MPlayer, VLC or most of the other available media players. And that’s not just in Haiku; these same settings don’t seem to do anything in Puppy, either!

Now if only I could sort out audio, Haiku is coming very close to finally being something I could see myself using on a regular daily basis…

Any ideas, guys?

Mike. :neutral_face:

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Would it possible to install a supported cheap PCI sound card?

It probably would, but seeing he had sound in beta 1, wouldn’t it make more sense to find out what happened in Haiku that broke the sound?

Note that if there’s an USB audio driver, it isn’t included by default in builds because it is incomplete and only supports devices respecting 1.0 spec.
So I would unplug USB headphone before booting and see if it is better.
With some HDA chips, only headphones jack is producing sound, I would also check that. You should open a bug on Trac with the results of your experimentation. Don’t forget to add result of listdev output and a syslog.

How would that help with the driver not being included? Can we stop suggesting random “magic” things to users?

For soundcards that don’t work with the HDA driver, there’s a chance they will work with the alternative opensound driver. Explanations on how to install opensound: chötrin's wiki: haiku.


Lolol!! I constantly have to keep admonishing members on the Puppy Linux Forum, where I moderate. Some of the things folks come out with are unreal…

Right. OK. I’ll give this opensound OSS driver a look-see. I’ve installed it from the Depot, so that bit’s done. Now, about this blacklisting; how do we actually do this here? Under Puppy, we’d either create a specific text file, or add to an existing one in a specific location. We’d then re-boot, and perform

depmod -a

…but I gather this works a bit differently?

Mike. :wink:

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The file format is different but the idea is the same.

Create a file named /boot/system/settings/packages

With this content:

Package haiku {
EntryBlacklist {

and reboot your system. Then you can check in Media preferences if it made a difference and you may have to select the correct output there.

There is no command like depmod to run, the modules are scanned and loaded on every boot automatically.

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Right you are. Cheers for that. Leave it with me and I’ll see what happens. May be a while; we’ve got the decorators in ATM, repairing some water-damage on an insurance claim, so I’m all over the place presently!

(BTW - I like Epiphany (Web)! Looks like the best browser of the lot so far. WebPositive’s OK, but it does have limitations. I’m a bit of a browser nut; I package no end of the things in ‘portable’ format for the Puppy community, so I’m afraid it makes me rather more critical than most…)

Mike. :wink:

Regarding HDA audio, you may have to experiment with cold boot / hot reboot to get sound working. Eg. On one of my laptops, sound works after I reboot from another system. Desktop is opposite.

Cor. Talk about “sod’s law”…!

I created the file as directed, and re-booted. NOW, the audio mixer had completely disappeared…even the Deskbar volume control was “greyed-out”. So…

…I removed it, and re-booted again. Okay; now the volume control was showing again. So I did a bit more in-depth digging.

Turns out the sound chip had been recognised all along. What threw me out was quite simple, really; it seems that on every boot, for some reason the system re-sets the “Front” volume control to 0. No “PCM” here, but I have to set both ‘Front’ AND ‘PCM’ to max in Puppy anyway…then the ‘Master’ control is adjusted via the tray icon.

As it is, I DO now have both sound AND video. Massive improvement, and means that finally I can now realistically spend time in Haiku as a viable OS.

Thanks for the suggestions, AND your patience, guys. Cheers!

Onwards & upwards… :smiley:

Mike. :wink:


Spoke too soon! I definitely had audio while watching a Linus TechTips video on YouTube earlier, but the issue seems to be that every time I turn my back on the mixer controls in ‘Media’, everything resets to zero again…


What I am doing wrong here? Why audio once earlier, and now it refuses to behave again? Do I need to remove the OSS package again? Is there like a ‘lock’ or ‘Set’ control that I’m overlooking…and why is it constantly re-setting itself??


Mike. :neutral_face:

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If you are using the built-in HDA driver, yes, you should remove the package because they conflict with each other.

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Okay, well; that makes sense, especially if they’re now both loaded, and there’s no blacklist to tell the kernel what’s going on.

I’ll give that a try, and see what happens…

Mike. :wink:

Yay! Success…

Removed the OSS driver. First re-boot, still misbehaving & losing settings. However; one of the other posters was bang on the nail about multiple re-boots sometimes being required. On the second re-boot, levels in ‘Media’ NOW hold, and retain the setting I left them on…

Multiple re-boots later, everything’s as sweet as a nut. Still stays where I left it at the previous shutdown.

Things are looking up!

Mike. :grin: