Attribute question for mail

Hey all, I’m trying to use mail in Haiku but it is acting weird. I’ve been able to fetch mail and read it but I’m still seeing several hundred mails as unread. The status of these ‘unread’ mails is Read! I’ve noticed an attribute called MAIL:read and another called MAIL:status. All the mail I’ve read that acts as read mail shows MAIL:read 0. Any mail I’ve read that acts as unread shows MAIL:read 2. Both types show MAIL:status as Read. Sooo, what is the purpose of MAIL:read attribute vs MAIL:status attribute?

You should say, that software you are using. Is it haiku mail or a third party app like beam?

I started out just using Haiku mail, I wanted to see how Haiku stacked up to Be’s handling of mail. When I was not making any progress, I also tried Beam without setting up accounts, just using it for looking at email. With humdinger’s help on IRC, I copied all the mail to another folder, deleted the original emails, then copied the emails back. This brought the faulty count from 363 to 114. Then I repeated this process and the count became correct at 2 unread emails.