Attansic L1 driver for r1-alpha1

I have got alpha1 installed successfully on my hardware few days back.But unfortunately alpha 1 image does not have attansic L1 driver.Can someone provide a binary of this driver for alpha1? .I went for alpha1 image since it has all the dev tools.Does nightlies have all the required tools for a haiku dev environment?.If nightly has all tools i will go for it instead of hunting for this driver for alpha1 image. i hope recent nightly comes with the attansic l1 driver.

For Alpha1 you can get it from:

Nightly has WiFi included. Not sure about developer tools. I believe so but will have to check to be sure.

Thanks for the reply.Attansic L1 is a Giggy eth device.I will check out the nightly, i hope it is stable to be used as a dev environment.

Is it possible to run the driver in alpha1 that is compiled from the latest checked out code?

Sorry my mistake. I was thinking WiFi for some reason. The Attansic driver was added to Haiku on Sept 16 - right after Alpha1 release.

You can use the driver from newer revision of Haiku. Staying close to Alpha1 revision will give greater assurance that it works.

EDIT: you would copy the driver over to proper folder and create symlink to it. Check out the other network drivers or nightly image to see how it is done.

Posting this from a haiku nightly.Attansic works great.It seems like nightly does not have a browser.Anyway i installed nightly over alpha1 image and got the 3rd party apps also.Thanks tonestone for ur help.

Terrific. Glad it worked for you. Have fun. Some nightlies are buggy so hopefully you chose a stable one to play with.