Asus P6T Deluxe and Core i7-920


I’ve tried to boot with haiku cd iso alpha 1 and daily build from 22 jan 2010 on my computer but it restart once it boot. Does someone have an idea ?
or is my motherboard not supported ?



While booting keep pressing [SPACE BAR] to get into SAFE MODE. Try the options in there to see if you can boot. Many that you can try to see if any will work for you.

If you use SATA dvd/cd-rom, be sure it uses either AHCI or Legacy Mode (set this in BIOS).

It could be a number of issues that is causing your system to not boot. The safe mode options usually get many people having trouble booted.

I tried this option but the pc reboot too. Do you have an other idea ?


I think you are saying you cannot get into SAFE MODE. Correct? That is a real problem because you will not be able to do anything in Haiku itself to get it booted.

The reboot can be caused by many things.

Try setting cores to 2 in the BIOS. I believe i7 has hyper-threading.

Look over this closed ticket for info:

Try two older revisions of nightly build, like r34990. Some big changes recently done to Haiku which may affect you.

When computer reboots it is hard to file a bug ticket because developers will require serial debug output in this case to see what is going on. ( little tough to do & requires using 2 computers ).

sadly still the case on my Asus P6T SE based system (BIOS mode only).
Also tried holding down Shift, didn’t help.
Using Haiku rev hrev53888

Please report your problems at On the forum they will just get lost.

Will do, nice to see you all again folks!:relieved:
Might as well push dark site to BeDepot just for the heck (or rather hack) of it :smirk: