ARM yes, SBC definitely, RPi ... maybe not


I get hang errors when I try installing Haiku onto a USB3 stick in a USB3 port. It works at first, then it starts having longer and longer pauses as it’s being written to. Eventually the install just stalls permanently. This is done within Haiku. I partitioned and formatted the drive with Drive Setup, then ran the installer to create a disk I could use to do an install on a machine instead of in a VM.


Would it be possible to design and produce a Single Board Computer, made especially for HaikuOS current requirements? There are many of these boards available for many purposes. I image a crowd funded campaign could garner a couple hundred backers for such a project. What do you think? Maybe this one might work?


<< Having one Udoo Neo and toyed with it.

I like the idea of them having x86 SBC, but they are a bit expensive, because udoo wants them to have makers as target, so their boards include arduino “boards” and pinouts to comply with this. I mean they work well, but may include unwanted stuff.


Why would one design something specifically when you can just buy an existing model?

Maybe look at Compulab ( They have reasonably priced systems and already teamed up with other open source projects (

Just buy one to test, see how well Haiku runs on it, and take it from there.


Did you retest this after the recent XHCI fixes?


It happened on the nightly build for hrev52972. That’s the earliest build I had when I first tried making the USB installer stick. The XHCI fixes happened in hrev52966, right? So I think I’ve only ever tried it after those fixes were done.


ARM hardware is pretty interesting. A lot of people don’t want to run Haiku on their x86 devices since the bar is high there. (I have my expensive desktop/laptop setup like I like it, I don’t want to break it for native Haiku). A lot of us have (sometimes multiple) cheap Raspberry Pi like devices laying around to play with.

The Haiku ARM port is actually pretty far along. We boot into a kernel, have a generic ARM image, and have a tool to prepare/write the ARM image for various target boards (including the Raspberry Pi 3)

Development has 100% stalled though due to We’re encountering a hard-to-debug issue with our gcc toolchain on ARM which prevents compiling Haiku for ARM.

If you want to help out on ARM (and have some gcc or icu skills), please help out here :slight_smile:


ICU has no problems building for SPARC, so definitely you need skills about binutils, linker, relocations, but probably not that much about ICU.


Glad to hear that my Pi3 might have something else to do than play videos on TV.

I will have a peek on the ticket, though i have not the skills but might ring a bell anyway.


Compuland is a great resource, but it sort of proves the point, as there are so many options, and I am sure maybe some will work or many parts of one will work, but I am paralyzed with FUD. It would be ideal if I knew that one would work with certainty. That Mint Box is amazing!