Are legacy Replicants supposed to work?

I dug out a positively ancient app called AllPossibleImages (that for some strange reason I have a bit of fascination with laughs), which rewardingly works quite well at a binary-compatibility level with Haiku alpha 3 (the binary being x86 R4.5).

However, despite it having a Replicant corner to drag onto the desktop, it doesn’t seem to actually create a replicant…you get the ghosted box, but once you release, nothing.

Other than that, the application seems to work fine. Are Replicants from legacy applications supposed to function in Haiku, or does it require a recompile (for which, of course, there is no source ;)?



In theory it should work but I can’t speak to any specific replicant bugs. Maybe this needs
a bug report. But thanks for bringing this up, I tracked down the original author
and sent him an email. Maybe we can get an update for Haiku.

If anyone else has favorite classic BeOS apps, please run them and report the results.

BeOS 5 replicants should work on gcc2 Haiku like the Alpha versions. Keep in mind you are using software that is BeOS 4.5 compliant and may not work right on Haiku.

Haiku aims to be BeOS 5 compatible so any applications for older BeOS versions may not work right on Haiku.

Feel free to search here for any tickets relating to replicants:

I couldn’t find any open tickets for this specific issue, but I can say that the app (despite being compiled for R4.5) does indeed function properly under R5.