Arduino IDE

Does anyone work actively on the Arduino IDE? I’ve been tinkering with a Blinken lights project using an UNO, and was hoping to write it 100% under Haiku, but the IDE seems to not like my install. It found the serial port, but the IDE seems to crash when the programmer is being invoked. It throws a big long Java exception. The serial port seems to work, as I put a sketch on the the UNO that writes the ASCII table to the serial port, and see that in SerialConnect.

I also had a compiler issue (path was wrong) but fixed that by copying the Application’s directory to my desktop and changed the path to the SDK…

I think this install is a gcc295 and has been upgraded a number of times via software update mechanism. Does the IDE work better under a different configuration?

So, I’ve swapped out the hard drive in the working hardware and will try installing the R1 beta 1 image and the latest nightly to see is either have a better chance… this netbook has an Atom N270, so it will only run the 32bit versions.

Though it seems to be struggling to boot from the DVD I burnt - so will need USB or something else I guess…

I’m maintaining the low-level tools (avrdude for programming, SerialConnect, and avr-gcc) but I don’t use the Arduino IDE myself - just direct programming of the AVR chips and makefiles. Let me know if your problems end up being in that area, but for the IDE I’m afraid there’s not much I can do.

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I think it might be something to do with using 32bit. It seems like the ide crashed hard when trying to do anything with the enumeration of serial ports. And that was the Java code failing.

I tried from Haiku R1 beta 1 vanilla, and that also fails in the same way. I guess the IDE is not working on 32bit. It seems like it’s now just that part failing.

I’ve got the Martin Oldfield makefile from github and will see if I can get that to build and upload. I might also see if I can get the 64bit to run on my MacBook.

I am looking to produce keymaps for my keyboardio Atreus. The Keyboario instructions to configure Arduino require me to set “Additional Board Manager URLs”. Normally there is meant to be a box in “preferences” to do this, but I think on our port it needs to be hacked into the config file. Anyone know how to do this?

I gather Arduino recently released IDE 2. Haiku depot offers 1.6.1 whereas mainstream OS have 1.8.x available in the legacy baseline. If anyone is working on bringing us v2 (or any newer versions) they have my full support!

In newer versions of Arduino IDE > 1.6.x, the arduino-builder utility, which is written in Go, is used to build the projects. At the moment we cannot build this utility for Haiku, although Arduino IDE 1.8.x runs fine.

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I think that the Keyboardio instructions assume one of these newer IDEs. No biggie, I’ll just develop on my “old faithful” Mac or Linux instead.