AQEMU-QEMU: Virtualizing on Haiku as host

Did some looking into bumping aqemu, so far the app has already been build, haven’t checked if it actually fixes things on our side :slight_smile:

EDIT well, having it build didn’t mean it’s working :wink: seems it’s not finding the i386 binary to be able to run on 32bit, was worth a try :wink:

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I had the exact same problem under linux, that means it’s an Aqemu bug, not a haiku specific one.


Added the work I did so far (based on previous recipe) at:
It’s a WIP and won’t create a PR for it atm, needs finetuning in the patchset at least (credits where credits are due …) :slight_smile:

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Mac OS X PPC 10.2:


Need to install the QEMU PPC 32 package from HaikuDepot, then can create the VM setting the architecture to Power PC 32 bit, setting RAM and HD, and single core, of course, only one CPU.
I have 2 ISOs, so first boot with the iso 1 which is the install CD, then change the Media CD iso file to iso file 2, which is the “additional” software. So after booting with ISO1 and installing, shutdown the VM, replace ISO 1 with ISO2 in the VM Media settings for CD, boot the VM and install the additional software.
Have to go through all the PITA of address, phone… setup.

adding the following Custom QEMU arguments:

-M mac99,via=pmu
-device usb-kbd
-device usb-mouse
-net nic,macaddr=52:54:00:97:12:23,model=pcnet
-net user,hostname=vm_hostname
-cpu g4

With the network setup provided by victroniko, no network available.
With my original setup, no network available

Actually, Network preferences can’t be modified so far. It’s a tad slow though.



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This is Firefox running on Haiku… not quite :wink:

Actually it’s a Kiosk linux distro, PorteusKiosk, that only runs Firefox (or Chrome), which in turns, should behave faster than a linux distro with firefox installed?
Of course, it’s not fast, pages don’t load fast, youtube does not load fast, videos don’t play fast…
At least can use Firefox on Haiku like this (needs more testing and VM improvement). A Kiosk mode linux distro might be useful just to run Firefox/Chrome?

The setup for this VM:

-net nic,macaddr=52:54:00:97:12:22,model=e1000
-net user,hostname=porteuskiosk
-smp 4

And in the network setup of PorteusKiosk, have to set the network manually as per @muffin’s tip in order for PorteusKiosk to gain network access.

Might be a better kiosk distro out there… I’ll keep searching.



Web+ can run youtube videos without problems, we have to wait for the Beta 3 for this…

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Good day @brunobastardi,

It’s not precisely youtube what I’m targeting at, just used youtube’s web as example. As of now, Web+ has some issues with certain websites so I need an alternative to access those sites, and nopes, Otter and Dooble don’t render those properly neither, or show same issues too.

Nonetheless, Web+ is getting better and better, so hopefully, in the short term won’t need to run Firefox virtualized :wink:



Some days ago I installed Alpine linux with the window manager Awesome in qemu. Alpine linux is pretty small and comes with a hardened kernel. The main target of Alpine linux is providing server apps. But it can be used as a desktop system as well.
The configuration is done in the terminal, so there is nothing to click and choose. I only installed Firefox including the Dark Reader.
It is the fastes qemu guest I have so far and browsing the web is doing well.
I use the same network configuration as in Puppylinux and it works fine. Just to use Firefox in dark mode.


That’s to be expected, no PPC Mac had PCnet cards ever. I don’t remember which chip those machines use but changing the adapter to a OSX-supported one might do the trick.

Thank you both roiredxsoto and victroniko !! :slight_smile:
I was searching how to use aqemu/qemu in order to get internet into the VMs !
Then I discovered this discussion.
Victroniko’s configuration is good.
You even don’t need to enable network in network tab nor put hostname=vm_name, it doesn’t change anything regarding internet access.

But the DNS has to be changed everytime you boot the VM to or or whatever you want (lan gateway or anything else but not 10… as automatically configured).

I’ve been searching for how to make a macvtap or just a bridge interface… I did not find how to, as I did not find any util for that in Haiku.
So I suppose it’s not possible in Haiku (?).

Thank you !

Thanks for a great guide including the part with recommended guest Linuxes.
My first succes was gained by 'glueing a notepad to a cmd window"
Reactos 4.1.4. no network or sound yet.
We learn, we save the notepad file. Aqemu bundles a qemu. much seen… Qemu “sans A” runs fine.
Will try a new reactos within the new, networked and updated nightly vm. All my Haiku are vm’s. Playing Haiku as a game on twitch.