Just a thought - would it be helpful to have an Applications section in the forums? Normally I imagine if someone had a question about Poorman, StyledEdit or WebPositive I imagine they might post it under ‘User Support’ or ‘General Haiku Discussion’. It seems that this might fragment where these type of questions are posted (sort of ambiguous). I’m thinking that a ‘Application support’ section would be helpful.

I agree with the proposal. It seems a good idea.

You can now use the forum of This is the right place to talk about applications.

I was referring to the applications included in Haiku by default. Would Haikuware be the proper place for questions referring to these apps? It seems like Haikuware is geared toward 3rd party apps. For bundled apps, posting them on Haikuware seems like it would be fragmenting the information and moving it away from the source.

If Haikuware is the proper place for posting questions about native apps, then I’ll start posting there. Just wanted to make sure you understood my intentions with the initial comment.

So - considering the above clarification, is Haikuware the proper place for these types of questions?

No. :slight_smile:
I think questions about the apps coming with Haiku fit perfectly in the “User Support Forum”. Maybe its description could be more detailed to say “Questions/problems with Haiku and its bundled applications?”. Though it could be argued that “Haiku” is everything that comes with an official installation: servers, apps, preferences…

Since the forums don’t have that much traffic anyway, I’m not sure splitting it into more sub-categories is necessary or desirable.