Applications upgrade

i found a post on bebits thats says just complice it.
is this really working?
and is there a how to for newbie’s, i have never dan it befor i let the urpmi do the
work for me in mandrake(linux).
sinds the most applications are not up to date i want to upgrade example
abiword, firefox

or should i do it a ohter way?

is it posible to use an *unix or windows app. on beos? this would be usefull,
new software is not soon to be expect(i think) and others stopt support for beos.



I don’t know what you mean by “complice”.

Most BeOS apps are self-contained and just live in a folder. They usually come as zipfiles - just extract that somewhere and double click the app to install.

All BeOS software is listed on BeBits - you can usually just overwrite your old versions with any updated ones, or extract them to a different folder.

AbiWord development on BeOS seems to have stopped unfortunately. For the latest firefox builds, go to (the most recent link to a download is from March 21st).

Have a look at the way the partition is laid out in BeOS - you’ll find most applications in /boot/apps/ - nice and simple.


tb100 wrote:
I don't know what you mean by "complice"
complice must be compile, to build the programme if no installer is pressent this is the case with abiword it seems to work under beos but there is no installer as far is i understand.

i found more links like the one you gave me is there a collection of those links some where?
there are people busy whit the software but the links are not on bebits so i cant see on what they are working

i will try the software like you told to do, its a test install so its no problem if i need to reinstall (i had one problem all ready, thats life), i backup the folders and try

i found app. to run x11 but i have to build it up. On if fund a borken link how to set this up, is there a guid for? wen i have this running i can use beos more often en try it better.