Application (QT) without sound


I have installed Cuberok (a QT app) on Haiku.
Is this app: (is a cached page because is temporary unavailable)

Ok, i have all needed libs (QT and SDL), but i don’t hear no sound from Cuberok.
Looking at this screenshot i have noticed a thing:

In AboutDialog we can read “Current plugin: FFmpeg”. But In my aboutdialog i just read: “null engine” and nothing about FFmpeg. But i have FFmpeg installed on my system and In Cuberock’s folder there is a file called, i’ve also tried to create a “plugins” folder in Cuberok’s directory, and renamed to but this solve nothing. I miss something? Someone has Cuberok installed on Haiku? If someone want to try, this is download link:


It’s working for me using A1R3 with Qt 4.7.3 installed.

I notice that in my /boot/apps/Cuberok folder there’s a link to /boot/system/add-ons/media/plugins/ffmpeg.

Also in the /boot/apps/Cuberok folder is the file:

Also in the folder: /boot/apps/Cuberok/lib are the following fiiles:

I hope this helps.


Hi hey68you,

Thank you!

The difference of my setup are: Haiku hrev44070, QT 4.8.0, and the absence of link to /boot/system/add-ons/media/plugins/ffmpeg in Cuberok folder. I linked this file but still i not heard no sound. Then i have downgraded QT to 4.7.3 and now Cuberok works at 100%!

Best regards.