App_server: MMX/SSE help wanted

Hello everyone,

We are looking for somebody who can help us using MMX/SSE for 2D graphics (color conversion, transparency/alpha_blending, translucency, other_things possible_that_I_am_not_aware_of). If you feel you can do it please let us know.

Thank you,
InterfaceKit Team.

I’d be up for this. I’m not a seasoned expert with sse/mmx/altivec, but I have done some experiments with them for fun, and so I’m familiar with using them. Though I’ll be kinda busy till probably around the end of October / early November. Around that time I was planning on some experiments with see optimization for Blender anyway.



I made many things with 2D graphics/effects (especially intro/demo programming), so I could be able to help out. Check the first both screenshots/links for examples (~2 years old). But I also have little time at the moment (another project), so I would be avaiable only 1-2 times/week. Contact me by PM/mail if you are interested. I have experiences (>5 years) with C/C++ (incl. advanced concepts such as Design Patterns) / ASM (MMX, but little SSE at the moment - I should learn that by the way) / autoconf/automake. My experiences with Haiku/BeOS itself are very limited, so I would need some help there.

But as I said, not much time at the moment.