App server and drop shadow?

Thing is we have funded this years and years ago… On an old bounty system that may not even be around anymore. Many have started to take it on, all have failed. I contributed 100.00 to this bounty and honestly I don’t see me doing that again. OTH it is becoming clear that 3d acceleration is wanted by the community and would be beneficial for more than just gaming and fancy window effects.

It’s already been stated that the look in the screenshots could be done now. Sans drop shadow. Even without hardware 3d. It just takes someone with the skill and time to implement it. Unfortunately I have neither.

This is not true.

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And this is also not true.

On the funding first: the inc does not work that way. The idea is someone submits a proposal to them, and then they decide wether to fund it or not. No one has submitted a proposal for 3D acceleration. I’m sure the Inc would happily welcome one.

And on wether we need it: one can experiment with the look without it. Maybe the shadows will be slow, but that doesn’t prevent writing the control look and whatever is needed to get them showing. It may need new APIs in app_server, for example, and you can design these without having the 3D acceleration working. You can even go all the way and do the compositing in software (and in fact looncraz had already started experimenting with this).

Personally I still think these shadows don’t look great. I would go with something much more subtle, maybe 2 to 5px at most, and with much less “blur”. But without a base to experiment from, it’s hard to say only from mockups. I’m speaking from what I noticed last time I used MacOS which had these large, blurry shadows everywhere.


In that case, I was misinformed and I apologise!

Then please edit your original comment, because many people read just so long.

Then the context of the responses would be lost. Let us leave it at this

Patches welcome.

That was a joke. I am not suited at all for such a task.

I’d like to see screenshots of your decorators for Zeta. Maybe you can recreate some of the most interesting decors from Dano? Like this one:


Or this one:


Or even this? :slight_smile:



:Q____ what a beautiful decorative themes.

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I adore rounded corners. Mockups in the first post look sick. Maybe font is a bit too fancy, but other than that looks ideal!

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