App idea : Picasa / FlickR client

Hi again,

Here my last idea of the day: A Picasa and a FlickR link integrated onto the Haiku viewer.
Many people use those service nowadays. Both API are detailed here :

Thanks !

I like that idea. How about making a kind of file system of it, like GoogleFS (don’t know if that’s working ATM) or FTPfs (not working ATM, I think).
That way, you could mount a Picasa/FlickR album and navigate/query it in Tracker like any folder. You could save from any app and have the photo uploaded transparently. Comments could be im/exported as attributes. Other people’s albums would be mounted read-only.


Hmm… wasn’t there a GSoC entry for similar solution, a web services API? The ideas seem pretty similar (just a guess, didn’t do the research on the GSoC entry). Maybe a file system add-on which uses Web Services API in some cases so everything integrates nicely.

Furthermore, there is also Amazon 3S and maybe other online services providing storage.

Maybe even Google Docs FS, which transparently provides a file folder with ODF,PDF copies of all online documents (remember the Audio-CD file system)? Dunno if this is feasible at this time though.

I don’t remember about a GSOC entry, but you’ve right there is others online services who may be added like FaceBook (

Yeah, that was a project of Haiku’s Code Drive 2009. Or better, it was supposed to be a project, but its student Tom Fairfield had another research thing coming in in the last minute. In any case, it sounds like a bit out of scope for a light bit of coding… :slight_smile:


Didn’t notice that one even though i come to everydays :slight_smile: