App for Gmail (MailNewsl?)


I try to connect to gmail with MailNews but that’s still not work.

Have you a correct configuration to work with it?


In the meantime you could consider to switch mail provider.


I work essentially with Gmail and that’s curious cause MailNews is based on Thunderbird. Thunderbird is compatible with Gmail I think.

Its based on Thunderbird, but Thunderbird from over a decade ago. I would imagine that its https/TLS support is not sufficient for gmail, or if it is, its root certificates are exceptionally outdated.


I use gmail with WebPositive and select basic html. It
works for me.

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Yes it’s how I use it too for now.

Unless it has changed. I think you need to configure your Gmail account to allow less secure mail clients. Also seem to remember only getting POP mail to work but that might be my memory being a bit fuzzy.

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