Anyone know about or use Kotlin?

Okay, I have to admit, as an Apple fan (alongside Be/Haiku and systemd-free Linuxen), I confess I still haven’t taken the time to learn Swift yet – and really need to! :slight_smile: I mention that because it’s still fairly recent like Rust (which is still unfamiliar as well), but are both rising languages (I think?). I haven’t been following any stats on them, so I’m not sure. But anyway, back on topic, I was scrolling through the usual feeds I follow for tech news, etc., and saw that there is a programming language called “Kotlin” which I have not heard about until today, despite finding it “first appeared in 2011” according to Wikipedia… which leads me to humbly ask:

Does anyone here know and/or use Kotlin, and if so, is there any possibility of it being of any usage in the repos or to Haiku itself? Again, I’m asking as someone totally unfamiliar with Kotlin, so forgive me if this is a bad question… but I’m just wondering. Thanks, all! :slight_smile:

Kotlin is more visible these days because Google add support to Android Studio last year, and more and more Android devs are using it since.

Still, like Java, It rely on a JVM, so while Kotlin is open source, it could possible to add support for it on Haiku, it will depends on Haikuport JVM abillity to supports it or not.

It looks more like a cleaner, more functionnal, on steroid Java language evolution to me, but I didn’t play with it beside the usual simple examples.

The latest programming languages appear to be improvements upon older languages - making coding easier, faster, safer:

  • Go => C
  • Swift => Objective-C
  • Rust => C++
  • Typescript & Dart => Javascript
  • Elixir => Erlang

Kotlin is an improvement upon Java. It can run on JVM or natively using LLVM.

Another cross-platform programming language worth a look is Ring - it uses the QT framework.

(I ain’t a programmer though.)

Also there is D programing language (as improvement to C++):