Anyone here who knows Japanese?

I (finally) found Win4Be, however, the readme is in Japanese. Anyone who knows Japanese and can help, here’s the file to translate:

Thanks in advance!

Maybe I am fooling myself, but Google Translate seems to do a good job changing it to English.

Mind you, I only did a quick scan.

It looks like that, but it’s full of strange incorrect-grammar sentences where the true meaning is unclear. So it needs a Japanese translator.

And I found this link while were looking for execoffsky, it seems to be the author’s last active page.
By the way, that should be one of winbe authors, which is Takashi Toyoshima, who currently working at google. I see he still developing random stuff for haiku at his blog. Maybe he can talk more about the project he were involved with. Well, theres no english written documentation and author is only hope for you.

Maybe you can try to ask to Shinta: (is a Japanese Be/Haiku developer. You can find his email on this page)